1.00 Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to establish eligibility criteria for emeritus/a status and to define the rights and privileges associated with such status. This policy is intended to reflect the University's commitment to the principles, goals, and ideals described in the CSUMB Vision and its core values.

2.00 Definition

Emeritus/a faculty status is an honorary title awarded for distinguished service that reflects CSUMB's core values. The President may bestow the title on an eligible faculty member who is entering permanent retirement and who has served CSUMB with distinction. The bestowal of emeritus/a status is a distinctive honor, not a right. An individual is not eligible for emeritus/a status until permanently retired or until any service in the Faculty Early Retirement Program [FERP] has been completed.

3.00 Eligibility

Nominations for emeritus/a faculty status are limited to the following categories of faculty:

  • Instructional faculty who hold the rank of Full Professor with tenure;
  • Librarians who hold the rank of Full Librarian with tenure;
  • Student services professionals who hold the rank of Student Services Professional, Academic-Related III with tenure;
  • Any other faculty member who has rendered distinguished service to CSUMB for a period of at least ten years.

A faculty member may be nominated for emeritus status as soon as he or she announces a retirement date. However, formal conferral of emeritus status cannot occur until the faculty member has officially retired or until any service in the faculty early retirement program has been completed. Emeritus status is awarded each year at a university event. In order for the award of emeritus status to be recognized at the ceremony, the retirement date and the nomination, and recommendation processes must be completed by the dates specified in the Academic Personnel Calendar.

Emeritus/a status may be bestowed posthumously.

4.00 Nomination and Recommendation

Regardless of the nomination process, the award of emeritus/a status is made at a university event.

4.10 Nomination by faculty colleagues

  • Each nomination for emeritus/a faculty status shall be accompanied by a succinct recommendation from academic colleagues to the Dean or appropriate administrator providing evidence of meritorious service.
  • Nominations may come from either within or outside the retiring faculty member's department or equivalent unit, as described in the Procedures for the Award of Emeritus/a Faculty Status. Nominations submitted by faculty in the retiring faculty member's department must be approved by a simple majority (50% plus one vote) of tenured, probationary, and full-time temporary faculty in the department before being forwarded to the Dean.
  • Nominations from outside the retiring faculty member's department shall be sent to the Dean or appropriate administrator, and must be approved by a simple majority of the tenured, probationary, and full-time temporary faculty members in the College or equivalent unit before being forwarded to the Provost.

4.20 Dean's and Provost's Recommendations 

  • The College Dean shall forward the nomination and his or her written recommendation to the Provost no later than the date specified on the Academic Personnel Calendar.
  • The Provost shall forward the nomination and a recommendation to the President.
  • The President shall make the final decision regarding award of emeritus/a faculty status and shall notify the retiring faculty member in writing of the final decision.

5.00 Titles

Emeritus/a title shall correspond with the rank held at time of retirement.

6.00 Recognition and Privileges

6.10 Recognition

Emeritus/a faculty are considered an important and integral part of the university community. Emeritus/a faculty shall be recognized by: 

  • Listing of the name of emeritus/a faculty in the campus commencement program when emeritus/a status is awarded;
  • Presentation of a certificate of emeritus/a status at a university event;
  • Issuing a permanent ID card indicating status as an emeritus/a member of the faculty; and
  • Listing of name and title of emeritus/a faculty in university catalogues.

6.20 Privileges

Emeritus/a faculty shall be accorded the following privileges:

  • Office space and parking permit provided annually at the discretion and expense of the unit that voted to recommend emeritus status (Department or College; section 4.100);
  • Same library privileges as regular faculty;
  • Access to campus recreational and social facilities on the same basis as they are enjoyed by the general faculty;
  • Admission to cultural and athletic events at the faculty discount;
  • Invitation to participate in public ceremonies of the university, including commencement, open houses and selected university functions;
  • Invitation to serve in a consultative capacity to the school or university;
  • Complimentary copies of university publications;
  • Access to university computing facilities and electronic mail;
  • Other rights and privileges as recommended by the College Dean and approved by the President.

7.00 Obligations

Emeritus/a faculty are expected to uphold the CSUMB mission and vision in their professional activities. Emeritus/a faculty have an obligation to cite CSUMB as their academic affiliation when university resources and/or university facilities are used in the performance of their professional activities. Emeritus/a faculty are encouraged to contribute their knowledge and skills to the intellectual and cultural life of the university.

8.00 Adjunct and Part-Time Service

Emeritus/a faculty are eligible to be appointed as adjunct faculty (voluntary employees) or part time lecturers, according to the guidelines of their home College. Prior to appointment as a part-time lecturer, emeritus/a faculty should consult with Academic Personnel to review any potential impact on their retirement income/status. The Provost makes such appointments upon the recommendation of the appropriate department and the Dean.

9.00 Continuous Renewal Clause

This policy shall be assessed in 10 years from its effective date to determine its effectiveness and appropriateness. This policy may be assessed before that time as necessary to reflect substantial organizational, physical, or academic change(s) at CSUMB or any change required by law.

s/Dianne F. Harrison

Effective Date: May 12, 2008

Certification of Process

Reviewed by: Academic Senate Executive Committee, Faculty Affairs Committee, Academic Senate, Policy Facilitation Team, Academic Affairs Council, Provost